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Cooking for Dogs with Gus Kenworthy

Freestyle Skier, Olympic Medalist and dog dad to the “Sochi Pups” shows us how easy it is to “cook” up a fresh meal.

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Amazing Dog Sam’s Freshpet Fridge Break-In

You’ll never believe what this sneaky dog did to eat Freshpet.

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Behind the Scenes with The Apparently Kid

We sat down with Apparently Kid to hear his thoughts about Dogs, Dinosaurs, and everything in-between. See how everything went down on shoot day.


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Angelica and Whispie’s Freshpet Letter

Since Whispie’s been eating Freshpet we often forget she is over the age of 16. Watch Angelica share the story of how choosing natural food was a no-brainer for Whispie’s new diet.

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Debra and Dixie’s Freshpet Letter

“She is a perfect weight, her coat is beautiful, and I know that’s because she’s eating healthy.” Watch Debra share her story of how Dixie went from finicky eater to loving deliciously fresh meals.

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Jessie and Reggie’s Freshpet Letter

When Jessica rescued Reggie he was sad and underweight. She decided to give her new best friend a fresh start with Freshpet. Watch their story.


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The Difference Between Vital Raw and Other Raw Dog Foods

Dr. Katy Nelson shares the benefits of Freshpet’s Vital Raw offering for dogs and why it’s changing the game for raw feeders.

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One Way to prevent Digestion Issues in Pets

Veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson talks about possible reasons for digestion issues in pets and how a fresh diet can help.

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All Natural and Fresh Pet Food Options for Cats

A look at Freshpet’s healthy and all natural recipes for cats.


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We’re Eating Healthier and Our Pets Should, Too

As we begin to eat healthier foods, our pets should be able to do the same, too! Our recipes are made with fresh meats and veggies, no preservatives or processed meals.

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Pet Parents Letters

We surprised fifteen families who had written Freshpet thank you letters, and invited them to share their stories on camera.

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Freshpet – A Fresh Take on Pet Food

At Freshpet we’ve decided to take a fresh take of pet food by delivering fresh, all natural pet food to dogs and cats.

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